About Tracker

Among the many torrent trackers Rarbg is one the most successful tracker having won the trust of a majority of users in Bulgaria, with more and more people opting to use it. The popularity is due to the organized form of its working and also its design. Like categorizing the different area on the site, such as movies, music, games etc. has become easy for users to operate the system. It is also helpful to members of social networks. Visitors can have the full access and download torrent files completely free.

Different aspects of its successful operation

Rarbg consists of a simple system of connected uplinks linked to one another. That means whatever files you may unload even if not physically found, on the server can be accessed among the other users using the BitTorrent technology. You may get your contents in Rarbg and may like to protect it from being downloaded by someone else. Even if you own the rights from the owner, there is no guarantee that you will be able to protect your rights. What is attractive about Rarbg is its accessibility throughout Bulgaria, even though accessing the site in other countries like in America, Asia, and Africa is partial, limited and quite slow.

The people of Bulgaria get easy accessibility to Rarbg and use it to the fullest extent with related to its functions. This has become possible due to BGtorrent technology. This technology is quite simple to use and totally safe. All that has to be done is to enter the relevant URL. It is natural that whatever information that you may like to enter into the site has to be secure and not liable to be copied by someone else. That means the same applies to what you enter and it has to be secure. It is supposed to be your original and cannot copy by another party. All communication is between you and Rarbg, which means the customer to a server.

Diverse operational methods

Torrent makes the user comfortable because he can use Bittorrent technologies for accessing files easily and distributing them on a large scale. Bittorrent has become so popular that it has been found that it can be found as a protocol used in more than 50% of worldwide internet traffic whatever be device or platform. Distributing files easily without the source that contains the file getting overloaded. The same applies to the links connected to the network. Bittorent is much more developed in the matter of downloading of files. User can download and upload jointly, all the same time which saves considerable energy and time.

Any user who has an intention of creating new files and sharing the information contained therein with other users of the network has to term the file as “Torrent- My file Torrent.” The file has to contain complete information about it that you will be sharing along with the hash result on each of them. It means that any file that is received is complete without any modification. This important feature ensures that the information that you are trying to get is fully secure and its integrity is assured.