Although it has been launched about a year ago, Rarbg has managed to become one of the most solid BitTorrent trackers in Bulgaria. With time, the administrators have decided to target a wider audience and have launched an international version. The torrent website gained a huge popularity within months only, so drawing some unwanted attention was absolutely normal. It was quickly chased away from Bulgaria by the authorities, so it moved to a Dutch hosting company. These days we have found the best torrent client ( that works great for most regular users.

The administrators’ dedication and hard work have attracted over 100,000 users in less than a year. There are more than 50,000 torrents hosted on site, not to mention about 1 million unique visitors on a monthly basis. There are numerous informative details you can find online, including trailers, charts, rankings or news. As for the torrents, they are classified in multiple categories, so searching is extremely easy. You may look after games, music, software, cartoons, magazines, TV shows, tutorials and many others. You do not necessarily need to have something in mind, but just browse throughout the categories and check out what is new either here or on the Pirate Bay ( torrents site.

With such impressive numbers, it was only a matter of time until Rarbg was targeted by the law enforcement agencies working against the online piracy. The more popularity you have in this domain, the bigger your problems are. The Netherlands is not really a heaven for online piracy though. BREIN is currently the toughest outfit in this domain and has successfully chased away more similar websites. Some of the most popular names include Demonoid and BTjunkie.

It all began in 2007, when BREIN had started a lawsuit against the Dutch provider and managed to be successful against a new and quite unpopular BitTorrent tracker. Although the provider appealed the decision, it lost. In the end, it was forced to hand out the website administrator’s personal details. Since there is a start for everything, this lawsuit was the beginning of a very aggressive campaign against other similar trackers.

As a direct consequence, BREIN has pressured the Dutch hosting provider to close Rarbg, so the Bulgarian administrators were given 48 hours to shut down the website. Otherwise, the website was about to be deleted by the hosting administrators. There were no lawsuits in this case. From personal past experience, the provider knew that it was just a matter of time, so any lawsuit was lost before it even started.

However, the successful Bulgarian tracker has long lost its national status. The administrators followed others’ examples and decided to host it in a safe place – the Swedish environment. Multiple BitTorrent trackers have been moved to Sweden, which is said to be a paradise due to the permissive laws. The Rarbg administrator has clearly stated that closing down the website has never been among his plans, so he intends to do whatever it takes to keep it up and running. Today, Rarbg is hosted in Sweden and out of BREIN’s jurisdiction. So far, it looks like the smartest move, while the international version keeps attracting users from all around the world.